Exterior Window Shades

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Using Albuquerque window tint is the most effective way of blocking sunshine before it ever gets to your windows. The fact that the sun has penetrated the interior of your home causes your cooling system to work harder, and your utility bills to rise. By installing exterior window shades, you can prevent Depending on the kind of external shades you have installed, your view of the outside might still be unobstructed, or you could have it darkened, so that the outside world is shut out entirely. There is a whole range of shadings that you can choose from, so you may want to install darker shades on patios or outdoor areas receiving more sunlight, while installing lighter shades for areas that receive less sunlight. Whatever kind of view you want of the world outside can be accommodated, so that you have appropriate sun blocking and your desired views of the outside. You can also raise and lower the height of your shades to match varying weather conditions and changing visibility needs.

Cleaning your exterior window shades

Another great thing about Albuquerque window tint is that they’re low maintenance. All it takes to clean them is some warm soap and water and you’re done. You might have to do this every few months, but in just a few minutes, your maintenance is completed. Regardless of what is happening outside, your cleaning requirements with external shades are the same, and it takes very little effort.

Types of exterior window shades

Solar shades are like sunglasses for your windows; they block out all the heat and harmful rays with a mesh-like fabric that is coated with vinyl to make it ultra-resistant to weather conditions, as well as to any little tricks that pets might want to play on them. These fabrics are highly resistant to mildew as well, and they don’t fade over time. Exterior rollers are another popular kind of exterior window shade, and these can easily be installed on the outside of any porch or patio where they are most needed. Both of these types of shades can accomplish maximum blocking of sunshine, glare, and harmful ultraviolet rays, while also maintaining as much of a view of the outside as you desire.

Albuquerque exterior window shades

For the best Albuquerque window tint in Albuquerque, New Mexico, contact Total Blinds and Window Tinting at your earliest convenience. When the heat of summer starts pushing your cooling system to its limits, you’ll really benefit by having external shades in place, to keep your household comfortable and your utility bills manageable.