Commercial Window Tinting for Your Business

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Commercial Window Tint

You are probably well aware of the benefits of window tinting for your home. You might have heard how window tinting blocks as much as 85 percent of the heat from the sun and filters as much as 99 percent of ultraviolet radiation. You might also appreciate how much a good window tint reduces the glare on workstations. These are all great reasons to have your home’s windows tinted, and they all apply to commercial businesses as well. Total Blinds & Window Tinting specializes in commercial window tinting for businesses in New Mexico, and we are more than happy to explain why you should consider our services for your company.

Commercial Window Tinting Will Save Money for Your Business

Window tinting can block as much as 85 percent of the heat from the sun, which will go a long way toward keeping your office cool and saving you money on your utility bills. The New Mexico sun can get almost unbearably hot, especially when it shines through a large window. Tinting your windows will help keep the heat down to a manageable level.

Keeping Your Customers and Employees Happy

With much of the sun’s heat being filtered out and the glare from outside kept to a minimum, your customers and employees will be much happier. Your clients will be far more likely to do business with you in your main office, and your employees will be much more satisfied with the job.

A More Secure Work Environment

Commercial window tinting is far more beneficial than just for blocking out the sun and harmful UV radiation. When it is used correctly, commercial window tinting is an additional security measure that can be necessary for businesses handling sensitive information. Additionally, the tint itself will also add some protection to the glass itself and preserve its integrity if it is struck.

New Mexico Commercial Window Tinting

Total Blinds & Window Tinting is the premier name in commercial window tinting throughout New Mexico. Our window tinting services combine functional tinting that will reduce your energy bills and give you a more comfortable working environment with pleasing aesthetics that will fit perfectly with your office’s decor. As always, we will work closely with you to make sure that your window tint is properly installed and that your newly tinted window looks just right. For more information about our commercial window tinting services, contact Total Blinds & Window Tinting today.