Why You Should Install Window Treatments in Your Home

by | Jun 16, 2017 | Residential Window Tint

Installing new window coverings is one of the easiest ways to change your home’s décor and provide your home with privacy and insulation. There are many different styles of window coverings including traditional horizontal blinds in various styles and finishes and softer shade options including roman and cellular shades. Window coverings can help solve many problems with our harsh New Mexico sun by reducing glare, providing privacy, creating an insulation barrier or simply adding a new color or style to your home.

Here are some detailed advantages of adding window coverings to your home:

Controlling the Light Although people like to install window coverings for aesthetic reasons, they also install blinds and shades to control the amount of light that enters a room. Traditional horizontal slat blinds tilt and fully close to allow you the maximum light control. Softer options like cellular shades come in light filtering options to help diffuse the light as it enters the room and reduces glare. There are also room darkening options available to block out the majority of the light. In short, you can make a room as bright or as dim as you want with the right kind of blinds or shades. A Great Variety of Styles Window coverings come in a huge variety of styles and colors. There is always something that fits your home’s décor while keeping in mind the functionality you want to address. Depending on the look you want for your home, you can choose from wood and faux wood blinds, shutters, cellular shades, roman shades, woven woods, verticals and more! We offer a wide variety of manufacturers to provide you with the best options to suit your taste, budget, and need. Privacy A common question in the window covering business is how do you achieve privacy. No one likes to feel like they are living in a fish bowl. The most private shades are room darkening shades. These shades are made with special linings that prevent light, and therefore, give you the best privacy. Light filtering shades still provide you with privacy but allow silhouettes and figures to be seen when it’s dark outside, but the lights are on in your home. Horizontal blinds are great at providing privacy when they are closed, but still allowing you to maintain your view when they are opened. Easy Maintenance Most window coverings are manufactured to be maintenance friendly. For example, blinds can usually be dusted with a feather duster (we recommend buying them at your local dollar store!), or wiped with a damp cloth. Real wood blinds need a little TLC every once in awhile to help maintain their longevity in our dry climate. Options like cellular shades can also easily be dusted or spot cleaned as well. Installing window coverings in your home is an investment. We recognize that not one product, style or color suits everyone’s budget or aesthetic. Total Blinds & Window Tinting offers a full line of products for every project, regardless of size and budget. Call us today for your free in-home consultation and estimate. We would love to work with you on your next project!